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The Journey...

...and beyond

I've been doing battle with the promo side of self-publishing lately, hoping to find bookshops who might stock a few copies of the book as well as setting up my own online store to sell signed copies.

But when the wonder that is WriteMentor asked me to do a piece on my progress, I couldn't resist! With a few tips thrown in for good measure, you can read about it here

Now though, most of the 'set-up' work appears to be complete. I've received pre-order copies to send out, I've got my bookmarks and my postcards to sign. I've got the book out there for people to order.

I even have a couple of publicity stops set up:

6th December - Launch party on #ArcaniumChat (8pm, Twitter) - official e-invite to follow!

7th December - Discussing all things fairies and fiction on #ukteenchat, 8pm (YAY!)

Everyone is invited to both, and if you do fancy buying a copy of the book to see what all the flapping is about, you can do so here:

E-book available for pre-order on Amazon (paperback version will be able on release day)

Signed paperbacks available for pre-order via this website

Thank you so, so much to everyone who has supported me this far - I can only hope you love reading The Trouble With Fairies as much as I loved writing it! 💖

Happy Reading and Writing!

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