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To the Winner go the Spoils...

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

...and the all-encompassing anxiety that people will actually be reading what you've written.

So lovely people, my last post saw me announcing a competition win - this post is WriteMentor bringing it live!

They've kindly published my humble winning entry in their magazine (the 1st edition no less!) along with a Q&A by moi-self. I'm like the smallest draw, alongside much greater names, but I'M. FREAKING. THERE:

Please please buy a copy - it costs less than a fancy coffee and there are so many fantastic articles inside!

This is a short post because Christmas and present duty and uni work and work work and mybrainisabouttoexplode.

I will try to do my usual festive post full of Christmas blather and cheer but until then - Wheeeeeee I won something AND it got published!

If I can do it, TRUST ME, so can anyone!

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