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The Time Has Come... planner said, to do a Super-Secret project reveal!

Yes, I'm aware it doesn't exactly fit the original rhyme, but if you still fancy hearing what I've been up to...

... and seeing the awesome beauty attached to the front of it...

please subscribe to my newsletter!

That's right, anyone who subscribes to the newsletter will get an exclusive first look at the stunning COVER for my BOOK that is coming out!

The Trouble With Fairies is a YA fantasy adventure story that has captured my heart, so if you fancy keeping up with our publishing journey, please subscribe!

To get your name on the list, just enter your email on my website homepage and hit the purple 'Submit' button - if you do, you'll be the first to see the Big Reveal in all its gloriously glorified glory (okay, more coffee needed).

In case you needed any more convincing:

I would really love to share this with all of you, so until then happy reading and writing!

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