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I very much doubt many people will see this, but I have to try and add my voice to the scream.

What happened to Sarah Everard, and to all the women before her, and to those still suffering now, is a failure. A failure of society to learn better. A failure of the government to listen.

We have long (and perhaps always) been statistics to the people in government, the people elected to protect us.

Many of them (not necessarily all) roll out of the same gravy train schools with matching silver spoons and entitlement complexes, and no hard-earned experience of the actual sector they govern.

They see us as toy soldiers in their pretend war command room, or dolls in the fancy house that they never had to struggle to earn.

They think they own us too. THEIR people. THEIR country.

'Why aren't the minions behaving? I gave them an order.'

'Dunno, just make the police smack them a bit harder.'

I'm sure if anyone does end up reading this, my soapbox will be inspected for validity, so yes - I admit I've been privileged in my life. My parents worked hard to send me to a private primary school, but gave me the choice for secondary and I chose against going private because I didn't like the people, I didn't fit. I'm fortunate financially now too, but I'd happily give up the house deposit I inherited to have my Dad back, so make of that what you will.

I'm not great at structuring narratives on impulse, but I'd like to leave you with this graphic, and ask you if this is really what you voted for:

I post this while fully conscious there are others who can do a much better job than me, both graphically and in choosing relevant articles - please add your skills to improving the graphic if you feel inclined to!

I also post this using as many varied media sources as I can,, BBC, Evening Standard, Telegraph and others.

(All snips and graphics were taken from trawling the Google news and images sections - all permissions/ownership/rights go to the original sources)

So, if you believe things need to get better, and that we need to demand that our government starts working for us rather than for their own agenda, perhaps its #Timetochange.

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